Design: Wesley Mueller

Design: Wesley Mueller


Talking to Ghosts Podcast

The Talking to Ghosts Podcast is a conversational podcast that focuses on creatives and their lives. We have interviewed musicians, authors, comic book creatives, games creatives, and artists of all sorts. Wesley Mueller and I started the podcast in 2014 after being inspired by podcasts like The Nerdist, MBMBAM, and Harmontown. We saw a group of artists that we would love to hear interviews from and decided to just see what happened! 

Some of my favorite interviews have been: 

  • Rhys Fulber (Frontline Assembly, Conjure One, Music Producer to the stars!) 
  • Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect, DSTR, Rendered) 
  • Oathbreaker (Amazing post-hardcore black metal band) 
  • Youth Code (Our second interview with Industrial Greats and good people!) 
  • Karla Zimonja (Games creative behind Gone Home and the upcoming Tacoma)

You can find all of the Talking to Ghosts Podcast episodes on our Official Website,

or where ever you get your podcasts!