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Technophobia / Pleasure curses / Neybuu in Portland, OR

I am producing a great show in Portland, OR at The Lovecraft Bar: 

Technophobia from Washington, DC is a wonderful female-fronted Darkwave/EBM band that uses hardware and analog synthesizers, and of course, some heavy sampling. They have a full-length album out now on Working Order Records called Flicker Out that I highly recommend checking out.  Working Order Records is a non-profit that works to "bridge the gap between musician ideology and social impact. Created by socially-conscious music lovers, vinyl collectors, and musicians." 

Pleasure Curses, originally from Washington, DC - now live right here in Portland - are a dance/electronic group with a great new EP out on May 16th called Screens. 

Neybuu I saw do an incredible performance at Volt Divers here in Portland and knew that she would be perfect for this show! 

I have also added Cari Gummer as a video projection artist to this show!