Talking to Ghosts - Episode 81 - Andy McMillan

This week on the Talking to Ghosts Podcast we talked with designer, and general doer, Andy McMillan. Andy started the Build conference in Ireland to make up for a space that he saw lacking in the tech-conference community. Build aimed to get down to the people and the philosophy behind design and not the corporate seminars. After starting Build Andy went on to launch The Manual, which is basically the printed version of the Build conference. I picked up the 4th edition of The Manual before our interview and have been really enjoying it this weekend! After moving to Portland, and partnering with Andy Baio, Andy started the XOXO Festival to give independent makers and designers a place to share their thoughts and stories. 

We talked to Andy about the first websites we designed, starting out as an independent maker, and quitting college to start working for yourself. We also talked about his new venture: a grant program to help support independent makers, give them healthcare, and teach them how to build a business.

Check out Andy's website for more of his projects!