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A Darker Figure #74: Terminus Festival Prep, Marrow Island, The Big Sick, Pharmakon

Welcome to A Darker Figure Newsletter! We are moments away from Terminus Festival! It is really a week away, but it sure feels like moments when I think about all of the things that I still need to do and the amount of driving that will be taking place. 

Speaking of Terminus Festival, here are all of the Talking to Ghost podcast episodes that we/I have done at Terminus in the past:

And here are a list of this year’s bands that we have already interviewed: 

We are definitely planning to do some interviews while we are there! Everyone at Terminus is always awesome and I love it there. This will be my third time and Sophie’s first time, which is very exciting.

Reading Corner: Marrow Island by Alexis M. Smith

I finished the audiobook version of Marrow Island this week - which is a book set in the Pacific Northwest that deals with a reporter returning to the island off the Washington Coast that she grew up on, but that also had a large earthquake-related accident that caused not only her father to die, but the environment to be really fucked up. She returns to touch base with an old friend/childhood lover, but finds that the religious cult-like commune that she lives in on the island has a lot more problems than they are letting on. It gets pretty crazy. At the end of the book I was pretty confused for a minute because with the audiobook it seems like it kind of ends inappropriately early, but a trip to Powell’s this morning confirms that this is how the book ends. After thinking about it for awhile, I like it. It was a good book.

Movie Corner: The Big Sick

There is probably a good chance that I have talked to you about this already, whether it is through Facebook, or Slack, or some other method - I have definitely been praising it to as many people as I can because, not only do I love it, I feel a little bit like my distant friends made a movie about their lives and that they did such a good job. I want to make it clear that I, in no way, know Kumail or Emily at all, but I consume a lot of their collective media (Stand up, podcasts, books, etc) and I believe that they are good people. If you aren’t familiar: The Big Sick is the real story about how Kumail and Emily met, started dating, and then she went into a coma for like 10 days. It is really funny, really sad, and really well done. It was clearly not only a labor of love, but one of experience and honesty.

Go see it in theaters. Go see it tomorrow. It was great.

A Show: Pharmakon

Sophie and I went to the Pharmakon last week and it was super good! We were not sure what to expect from the live show because noise shows very pretty wildly in performance style, but usually I know it is going to be something either weird, or impactful. Caustic Touch opened the show and did a more rhythm-driven set than I thought she was going to, which is definitely what I prefer in noise shows. Pharmakon was a little late coming up from California, but she came right in and set up and then proceeded to kill it completely. It was intense, and interesting to watch, and super angry. It was awesome to see this kind of unassuming blonde woman - who looks fairly normal by Portland standards - just brutally beat people down with sound and physical intensity. She would run through the crowd and crawl on the ground and trip people up with the mic cord. If she is coming to your town and you like noise music, I would definitely suggest it. Very inspiriting.

I also read in an interview that she is a big nerd for books, so I gave her a copy of Shelter in Place (you know why.) I didn’t get the chance to talk to her about it because she left right off the stage, but the merch guy seems stoked about it.