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A Darker Figure #67: Self-Destructing Technologies

Hello and welcome to A Darker Figure #67 where I have had a short week (due to the holiday) that has seemed much, much longer. I am not allowed to really talk about it, but when you work for a corporation you have to explain a lot of really simple things to a lot of people who try to think at a level that is way above where they need to be about a problem. Engineers, am I right? I actually don't have problems usually because the engineer that we work with for Fire Protection is great and a personable guy. This had more to do with my direct company. Oh well! I was supposed to work tomorrow (Saturday), but now I don't have to, so things are good again. 

I have been thinking a lot about self-destructing technologies - specifically something that I could incorporate into a music release - and have been really on the fence about them. On one hand you have a piece of art, in this case a small EP, of one-time listen music. Exclusive. Not digitally offered. One time and then it is done. Forever. You can choose to listen to it or save it for another time. Or never listen to it at all and just stand in wonder forever. On the other hand though you have a whole lot of wasted plastics (in this case I would be considering a Cassette), time, paper, and other materials for something that is a single serving. While I think that art is made to be expressive, even if the expression is an exclusive wondering that may ultimately turn out to be not-for-me musically, I think that we are living in a time where creating mounds of waste - even small ones - is pretty selfish and that maybe it can be done another way. 
I need to look into this more. There is something there, but I don't know what. At any rate it needs to be responsible and appealing at the same time. Also there needs to be an audience first, haha. 

I'll be going back in the studio sometime in the middle of this month to re-record some vocal sections for the new The Blood of Others split. Some of the re-worked tracks didn't fit in the timing of the vocals anymore. Should be fun. I'll be working with Patrick Champaign again, which is exciting. 

Last weekend the neighborhood two streets from ours was on lockdown by the police because a man was spotted carrying a gun around at 630 in the morning. Full ordeal: helicopters, swat vans, communication RVs that block entire roadways, the news, people just casually walking by one street over not knowing that there is a large operation going on. I was on my way to the cat shelter to volunteer and was stopped in a weird we-are-blocking-this-road-but-not-really-so-you-can-go-I-guess. So Sophie and I stayed inside until the stand down at 4pm. 
The day before we went to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, so the weekend wasn't without romance! 

Sophie wants me to tell you that we are getting matching tattoos tomorrow. We are getting matching tattoos tomorrow. 

Things that you should check out! 
- Movie (French/Netflix): The News From Planet Mars  (trigger warning: pet death) 
- Live show: Planning for Burial (noise/doom/metal/synth) - saw Planning for Burial on Sunday here in Portland and it was pretty great! 
- Music: New Hante. record came out! "Between Hope & Danger" is up on bandcamp and it is damn good
- Newsletter: Sean Bonner's Newsletter is my favorite. Warren Ellis is who got me hooked on newsletters, though. 

Things that I have coming up! 
6/10: I will be doing a Sky Symbol Rituals set at Volt Divers here in Portland at The Lovecraft
6/11: Technophobia, Pleasure Curses, and Neybuu with live video stuff from Carri Gummer here in Portland at The Lovecraft. (please bring your friends, it is an early show!) 8pm | $5 | 21+ 
7/7: The Blood of Others (feat. Sophie! on bass keys) in Seattle, WA at The Highline opening for Jihad

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