A Darker Figure #80: Hurricane Harvey Benefit

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I am throwing a benefit for Hurricane Harvey emergency relief. Most of you probably know that already, but it is something that is coming together very quickly and my biggest fear is that I will get all of these donations and then no one will show up - and then later people will claim not to have heard about the event at all, which would be my failure. But! We have great bands and vendors donating really cool items, so I think that it will go well. 

I don’t trust the Red Cross. I know that people have a lot of feelings about it and I know that they are the biggest and fastest response and that sometimes that is the best option - this time I don’t think that is true. It wasn’t true in Hurricane Katrina and it wasn’t true/still isn’t true in Haiti. So, I’ve chosen Heart to Heart International because I know that they are already on site in Houston and surrounding areas and doing the work. They are a big charity too, but not quite as mismanaged as Red Cross. Local charities and organizations are also very important because they will most likely outlast the big groups, who will eventually leave. The important thing to remember is that this is about helping people. So give to whatever charity you think is best. And don’t forget the animals. The estimated number of animals lost in Katrina was incredible. So, please donate to local shelters and groups that help with re-housing animals too. If you are in Portland, there is a great vegan bake sale happening on 9/9 at Food Fight! Grocery.

PDX Monthly has a running list of local Portland events and donation opportunities.  

Here are the event details:

Emergency Relief Benefit for Hurricane Harvey Flooding:
This event is still taking shape, but please mark your calendars for Wednesday 9/6/2017 at 8pm!

Sky Symbol Rituals
Collective Disparity
Lasers Of Love

Sound mixing and work being donated by Viktor Nova (thanks Viktor!)

We will be taking donations in cash, canned food, clothing (new packs of socks and underwear), and paper goods (toilet paper / feminine hygiene products). There will also be some items for sale that were donated by various business in town.

Donations provided by:
Wells & Verne
Projekt Records

100% of the funds that the event (non-bar items) makes will go to Heart to Heart International to directly benefit flood relief!

The Lovecraft Bar
21+ | 421 SE Grand Ave.
Pay What You Can - ($5 suggested donation)


We leave for France next Friday. I am very excited and very busy until then. I am not sure if/when/how I will be doing the newsletter for the next 3 weeks. I might skip it, to be honest. We’ll see!

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