A Darker Figure #79

Hello and welcome to A Darker Figure #79! 
Last week was pretty heavy all around, but I think that some really mild life changes are a good thing and that despite their heaviness, things will be better now. I think that for the most part, I am done with the gothic / industrial scene here in Portland. I find myself further and further away from the mess of people that make up the scene - in general, but here specifically. There are, of course, some great people around and those people I will stay in contact with - but for the most part I've been out of it for awhile. The main thing that will be a little difficult is to re-vamp the bands to fit into other local scenes - The Blood of Others will be fairly easy once I can make some connections because it is a pretty diverse sounding band, but Sky Symbol Rituals will change and [product] will mostly stop existing in any kind of future hopes. Who knows, I might be in the mood to dive into harsh EBM again. 

Sophie and I are on the very brink of our trip to France. There are still two more weeks (to the day) until we leave, but it feels like I want to just jump on a plane and get the fuck out of here every single day now - so I think that means we've planned enough. We made payments on our return travel to Paris to catch our flight back to the US last weekend, and that kind of solidified the whole thing. There is a big blank section in the middle of our trip where I didn't want to plan anything and just try to go out and explore the country. I am keeping a special journal for that trip - I am sure that some of it will make its way onto this newsletter. 

I get really sucked in to Vloggers on YouTube. It is mostly a product of my kind-of-boring job and my love of stories mixed with a the excitement of being a voyeur. I tend to cling to a Vlogger and then watch their entire history and then move on to a different one - some stick around and I get back into them once there is a bit more of a back catalog built up, but most kind of fall away and I get tired of them. Recently, I have been watching Tokidoki Traveller - an Australian woman who moved Tokyo - and it has made me really want to go to Japan at some point for a bit. Not live there, but visit for two weeks or so and just see what kind of weird stuff I can get into. She also took a trip to The Netherlands that looked super interesting and now I want to go there too. 

Coffee Corner:

Marigold Coffee - House Bland - Squirrel Rhapsody
Last night I picked up this bag of Marigold Squirrel Rhapsody and am currently filtering it through my Toddy Cold Brew System. I pick coffee mostly by smell these days. Cold Brewing requires a bold to medium roast to get me going with the flavors and intensity that I like and recently I have been experimenting with different brew-lengths. This one was a 12 hour brew, the last one was not as bold and it was a 24 hour brew. 

Marigold Coffee is a local roasting company whose founders have a background in farming and harvesting outside of coffee and they believe that this has a lot to do with the way that they farm and harvest coffee. I am excited to see if that true! 

The smell is great. It is a bold, but smooth smell through the bag. When I opened the bag later, at home, the beans were a nice dark brown - not black or oily - and when I ground them they were light and airy. The taste is smooth too, chocolate-y and light. On the bag it says that the flavor profile is: Walnut and Peanut Butter Candy - and I think that is pretty accurate! 
The cold brew concentrate is a little bit lighter than my last one - which you can see in this picture, my ratio was not quite on point - and the 12-hour brew has a little bit to do with that, but the flavors are definitely not missing! 

Now we are off to see some cats and walk a dog! 

My friend Brian Uhl (who designed our first The Blood of Others shirt) is having an art closing party tonight! 
and that is it! Not a busy week. 

Currently reading: Simone de Beauvoir's Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter

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