A Darker Figure #77: Thoughts on Sarahah and Movie Recommends

Welcome to A Darker Figure #77. I have short to-do about Sarahah and how I think it is dangerous to self-work and then some fun recommendations for movies and a podcast. So if you are just not in the zone today (which I fully understand), skip this first part and take a look at the movie recommendations because they are indeed fun!

Thoughts on Sarahah and The Flaw of Anonymous Honesty

Sarahah is basically an open place where people can come and leave notes for you anonymously, even if they don’t make an account first. It was started by a programmer in Saudi Arabia who was designing a way from employees to leave anonymous suggestions digitally to their employers, but the programmer quickly realized it could have social media uses. It is the newest thing and I think a lot of people believe it is something that they will benefit from. I have seem some people say that it is something that they want to get into because they want to get better at receiving more honest feedback from their peers or people that know them pretty well. Some people, I think, just like the excitement of being anonymous and saying things to people - good or bad. My initial reaction to this is how is this any different than a comment section or Facebook. I mean, you have your name attached to something like Facebook, but that doesn’t make people any more or less emboldened to shit on everything you say.

For me, this feels like the opposite of where the internet should be heading. In an earlier newsletter, I talked about radical honesty being difficult, but the way that things are going to change for art, music, and the world. This, to me, is a bullshit version of radical honesty. If you are hiding behind anonymous posting, you are not being honest, even if the things that you say are what you feel is honest. I could be convinced otherwise, but for now it feels a lot like Sartre’s version of Bad Faith to me. For now it feels like a complaint aggregator and not a tool for positive reflection and self-work. As a caveat to this (because Sophie hates when I caveat things) I have to admit that I have not even been to the site. I have just seen its posts shared everywhere and the reactions to those posts - which have been kind of the pat-me-on-the-back posts that I don’t like because I feel like they stump personal reflection. But! I could be wrong, let me know your experience.

Some recommendations! 

Take me

The Duplas Brother produce a lot of great content: Creep, Togetherness, Safety Not Guaranteed - and I try to watch whatever they put out. The HBO animated show Animals has been the only one so far that I didn't enjoy, but that was on me not them. Take Me was one of those “oh! That sounds fun, let's check it out” late-night movies Sophie and I took a chance on. It was super good! The plot was interesting and creative. It had a good balance of tense and funny moments that were executed in a way that felt fresh but not obscure.

If you have Netflix, check it out!

The Little Hours

I went into this movie knowing that it was going to be a pretty raunchy/fun comedy, but it was way, way better than I thought! I mean, I would even go as far to say it was my generation's Monty Python’s Holy Grail (and I know people are going to scoff at that because their older and things like that are sacred, but you’re nostalgia is blinding you). It was a medieval comedy with modern language, it was a brilliant comedy with some of the best players in the game right now. I laughed harder and louder than I have all year.

Room 104 (HBO Show)

The new Duplas Brothers Horror Anthology for HBO is a simply brilliant premise. One seedy hotel room. That’s it. Characters and themes change with each episode. The first episode was only okay, but the second episode (which features James Van Der Beek, Clark Duke, and Davie-Blue) was much more my speed. The

Turnaround (Maximun Fun Podcast)

I highly suggest this podcast for anyone doing podcasts or interviews! It contains some great insight from some of the best interviewers in the game. Favorite episode so far: Ira Glass.

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