A Darker Figure #75 live from BANFF Bus!

Welcome to A Darker Figure Newsletter! I am not sure what number it is right now because we are on a bus headed up to BANFF to see some goddamn mountains!

The Blood of Others went on first - opening up the Terminus Festival - here in Calgary, AB. I was a little bummed that we were going on first, but there were a bunch of people there! It was a packed room for the first band of the first night of a 3 day festival and that is exactly why Terminus is my favorite. It is the best. We did really well. Sophie was nervous but we assured her that the energy from a bigger audience would push her through and bring that pure inner heat that is required for fucking killing it on stage. And she killed it with the rest of us. We sold out of CDs, Patches, and Stickers, which is awesome.

There are a bunch of people from our Talking to Ghosts/I Die : You Die Slack here at the festival and it is pretty cool to touch base in person.

Someone on this bus just told me Cool Runnings was filmed here… so… it is a great place.

Festivals are weird atmospheres. Not only do I tend to shelter myself in a corner and not talk to people, but I also manage to meet so many people. People have downtime and want to reach out. Two years ago, I came to Terminus by myself to do interviews and see Vallhall play. I just kind of posted up in the hotel lobby and followed people to coffee, lunch, and ultimately soundcheck bugging them for interviews and sometimes friendship. It was uncomfortable, but also the best time.  I highly suggest going to Terminus Festival. There’s something special about the way that people group together from all around the world in one 400-capacity venue. All the artists are in the crowd, enjoying the other bands and the atmosphere.

I have a book checked out from the library that I’m supposed to be reading, but I've been sucked into a bunch of comic books lately, so I have been neglecting it. It's a bummer, but i’ll get back to it. 

This week's newsletter is kind of short and gushy over the festival, so here is a couple of recommendations from people on this bus:

  • Avi - Rope Sect’s new record is super good: https://ropesect.bandcamp.com/releases 

  • Wes - Reply All podcast from Gimlet: https://gimletmedia.com/reply-all/

  • Warren - NITE’s new album Reborn: https://nite.bandcamp.com/

  • Monica - “How Not to Die” Michael Greger: https://www.amazon.com/How-Not-Die-Discover-Scientifically/dp/1250066115

  • Sophie - “Revival” comic: https://imagecomics.com/comics/series/revival 

We are traveling back to Portland alllllll day Monday and back to work on Tuesday. What a bummer.
New Talking to Ghosts episode is up on Tuesday!