A Darker Figure Newsletter #63: iseebadspirits.com

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Welcome to A Darker Figure Newsletter! I have started a website to collect all of my different projects. There were a few places recently that asked for a EPK - which is an Electronic Press Kit for bands - and I think they are outdated and kind of dumb in today's social media climate, so I started a website instead. It is not quite the same, but if I can capture all of the info that is normally in a EPK on there, for each of my projects, then I will be happy with it. Right now it is all bare-bones info and a little bit of design. I am still working on it. It has been awhile since I've had a for-real website that was something that I made. Wes did all the legwork for the Talking to Ghosts' site and design. 

This week we talked with Andy McMillan of the XOXO Festival, The Manual, and Build Conference in my studio apartment. Andy was a great guest and that episode will be out on Monday, so I won't go too much into what we specifically talked about other than to say that it is all very inspiring. Andy is a do-er. He is a producer and events coordinator, but first and foremost he is a do-er. He gets high level shit done and that is inspiring to me. Something that Andy is very outwardly good at is presenting only what he knows is a high level, good project. I am curious to know, but failed to ask him when he was here, how many projects he has worked on that just fell apart somewhere along the way. Projects that no one knows about. 

Today is Cinco De Mayo, which was the day that the Mexican forces defeated the filthy French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, but in America it represents a date to celebrate Mexican-American culture, but somewhere in the 00s it became a day to celebrate partying and drinking too much, just like 4th of July or New Years Eve but closer to Mardi Gras (this is a gross simplification, but that is how I feel.) The bar across the street from my house is having a free tequila tasting all night which means that I am going to do everything in my power to leave town tonight. Sophie is looking for a romantic evening, so I need to do some digging into where I can go. It is pleasantly warm in Portland and we had a really great lightning storm on the way home last night. 

I lost the filling on my front tooth this week, on Wednesday, and was briefly a hillbilly with a cracked front tooth. It is fixed now and feels super weird. I wrote a piece about it, but it is more of a free-association journal entry that went to some pretty crazy places. Maybe when I finish that piece I will share it. We'll see! 


Comics to recommend: 
Injection Warren Ellis, Jordie Bellaire, and Declan Shalvey
Saga (of course!) by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
Revival by Tim Seeley, Mike Norton, and Mark Englert
(also, you should by them from your local comic book shop, not Amazon - I was just lazy and wanted to get you to the right books... but don't be lazy. Go to the shop and support the people.) 

I also started reading Someone Else by Tonino Benacquista, which is a book that Sophie bought for me a long, long time ago. It is pretty good so far! The book starts with the idea: What if you could be someone else entirely. The main characters meet at a bar after a tennis match as strangers and agree to meet up 3 years later at the same bar as completely different people: the people that they have always wanted to be, or fantasized about being. 


Also, new Saltillo! It is super good. I wrote about the first Saltillo releases on the original A Dark Figure blog way back when, and this comes quite a few years later, but is still really, really up my alley. If you don't know, it is the artist Menton3 who does all kinds of great work. I heard the music, loved it, looked up the art, and have supported all of his kickstarters and projects since. 


Upcoming shows: 
Tomorrow! (5/6): Horror Vacui, Vice Device, Bellicose Minds, Fleshh, Vacant Stares at Black Water
5/12: Strangeweather, Barrowlands, Satanarchist, Nick Superchi at Tonic Lounge
5/13: Volt Divers (feat. the best of the best, really. Paul Barker and Terror Apart and Eat My Shit. So good.) at The Lovecraft